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Hi LST! Long-time lurker turned tattoo fanatic


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Hi all! My name is Matt and I've been lurking on here for a while. Reading this forum has really helped me figure out what makes a good tattoo. I love seeing the variety of work everyone has and it's great to connect with such a like-minded community, especially when you're one of the only tattooed people amongst your friends! I'm excited to finally contribute!

I got my first tattoo in 2014 and became hooked as soon as the first line was put on my skin. All of my tattoos with the exception of a few small handmade ones have been done by Yoni Zilber at New York Adorned. We started with a shoulder piece on my left arm, then did a 3/4 sleeve on my right arm, and are currently in the process of extending my left arm into a full sleeve. The addiction is strong!


My first tattoo - Tibetan Skull by Yoni Zilber @ NY Adorned 


Bodhisattva style Virgin Mary, done @ Diamond Club Tattoo and True Nature Tattoo

Snake full-sleeve extension in progress, done yesterday @ NY Adorned


Filipino tribal snake scales and tongue design, hand-tapped by the legendary Kalinga tattooer Whang-od in Buscalan, Philippines


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