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Tattoo Blow out? Help


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Hii :) 
So I have done this tattoo on wednesday (May 18th) its only been 4 days... but i've noticed that on top, on the flower the ink is spreading... 
My question is, i've read of blown out, do you think it's that or just part of healing process? D you think it will fade away? 
I'm kind of afraid cause this tattoo will not look good if its not sharp :\ 
Thanks in advance 


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I'm assuming this is your first tattoo - maybe not though

in any regard this would be why I don't think its a good idea for folks to get their first tattoo on their wrist

because your expectations that this tattoo is going to stay 'sharp' and perfect are not realistic

I dont see blowouts and I think you should enjoy the tattoo

but yeah - as time goes on - the tattoo will take on a 'lived in' look - some people - including myself - love how tattoos look as they age - but they age alright - thats why big and bold designs are the way to go - but anyway - try not to obsess about this tattoo as it heals - and enjoy it

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