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Hey what's up everyone


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Greetings to all just joined. I've been looking for a place that can help me out with my search for tattoo's. I like all styles of tattooing but I'm very picky with the artist since it will be a piece on my body that will be there forever, so i'll be on the forum asking all kinds of questions about all kinds of artists please have some patience with me. I've seen some incredible work done here so i'll ask my first question, I'm looking for some luke wessman pictures he does very good work and i would like to start off with one of his pieces. I've seen a Jesus piece he's done so if anyone can help very much appreciative.

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Thanks for joining our tattoo forum.

Some months back I started this Luke Wessman thread here on LST, did you get to check it out? If you get tattooed by Luke pls post the tattoo picture as well as any other tattoos you may have or get. There are some good tattooers in San Diego as well as LA which is pretty close depending on where in SD you are at.

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Hey guys, well i haven't seen your thread can you help me out with a link? This will be my first tattoo and i would like for Luke to ink me up and hopefully i want to start up my right sleeve.I see you both are from San Fransisco I'm out here in L.A. and when i do get my tattoos you'll be the first I show. Out here there's plenty of shops but most are like self taught tattooer's ( which I have nothing against it ) but since the art will be permanent on our bodies I would like someone with some experience and some hot spots like L.A. ink it's always full and you have to set up an appointment like 3 months ahead if you want Kat to ink you up, (she does awesome work though).What spots out here do you know of? Thank's for the worm welcome I'll be checking out the art, we'll be chatting later.


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Hey guys, well i haven't seen your thread can you help me out with a link?

Lochlan put the link on the words Luke Wessman in his post above.

Or just click HERE

you can also use the search box in the upper right corner of the screen to search "Luke Wessman" or any other tattooer you want to see posts about

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Thanks Jake.

As for LA, yeah there are tons of tattoo shops in LA but among the many there are some tattooers and shops that Kat can not compete with! This list is in no order and just a quick one cup of coffee list of tattoo shops that I think others could provide deeper ones....... Here it goes:

Spotlight Tattoo

Darkhorse Tattoo


Goodtime Charlie's Tattooland

Will Rise Tattoo (Just got turned on to this shop recently and seeing some tattoos I like)

Shamrock Social Club

Also rather than Kat at her shop if this shop appeals to you, Dan Smith does great tattoos

Also for San Diego don't forget Two Roses in Oceanside which should be about thirty minutes closer to LA than downtown SD.

Hope this helps and look fwd to seeing the tattoos........

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