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Need Advice On New TATTOO!!!


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 I recently got this tattoo a week ago. The arrows are a sibling tattoo and I wanted some filler to fill out my bicep and my artist put some vines and thorns to fill in. The vines are attached to roses on my arm. I am not really a big fan of how the thorns and vines turned out and was wondering if anyone had Ideas on how to get them fixed either by adding to them or fixing the thorns or what not. And if that can't be fixed what about a cover up? what type of cover up would i have to get to cover what I have on the inner bicep? Does anyone have any ideas for that as well? I love the front of my arm which i got done last year which is my coat of arms, and a banner, but i am disappointed on the inner bicep and need some help and advice. Thanks so much!!


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hey bud welcome aboard

only thing i could think of is add colour to the thorns/leaves (which might look wired without colouring the CoA on the front of the arm OR add colour highlights to the arrow heads/tails.

it looks fine ! my $0.02 is just leave as is, it will make a mess of things if you try to change or coverup minor details. don't overthink it, it's just a tattoo, get some other tattoos. cheers

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