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Repeating Tattoos?

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i've got a few skulls repeating

big catheads too, i'm about to get my fourth i guess...but something on it's head and something in it's mouth and something around different...

i said i wanted something else first but them mentioned the cathead thing and he sounded like he preferred to do that so...

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I briefly met an older gentlemen a few summers ago that had matching panther/snake designs on his inner forearms. Same design only mirror image, same artist , done within a year of each other, although one had aged significantly better than the other. 


I asked him why he chose to get the same tattoo twice. He just said because he really liked the design. I thought that was pretty bad ass and have since considered such a move. Some might look upon it as a waste of real estate but, I think it's cool idea at the same time.

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I have been hitting the repeat button on skulls and snakes myself,.. I would like more of the same theme.

It is kind of like that lady with all the cats, she starts with one, likes it and they multiply lol. Then she is called the cat lady!

FYI Guy Aitchison did a pair of biomech blade sleeves on a dud a few years ago, total mirror image one sleeve to the next (shoulder to wrist), so that was an extreme example of mirroring I think.

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