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Always been interested in tattoos...but still a tattoo virgin looking to get my first

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5 hours ago, blueblur1997 said:

I went to a local tattoo shop with a friend of mine. She's offering to pay for me to get my first tattoo while she's getting hers. The shop seems to be nice and clean and the artists seem to be pretty nice. Should I take the plunge and get one spur of the moment? Or wait until I investigate other shops? 

free tattoos!

but seriously....

there is nothing wrong with supporting the local tattooer

however - you may not be happy with the results especially considering its your first tattoo and i'm sure you want to be stoked on it

you seemed willing to travel from my recollections of a post in another thread (????)

if thats the case - go to philly - olde city or true hand will have you walking out with a fine tattoo

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7 hours ago, Synesthesia said:

Where did you go? Any Facebook or Instagram links to a portfolio or pictures of the shop?

She went to Rondo Tattoo in Lewistown here. I'm not sure about their social media presence as far as Facebook and Instagram. But I've spoken with a few people at work and my friend and they do decent work.

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I looked them up on Facebook and Instagram. If you care about getting a high quality tattoo, I would recommend always doing that. It's part of the research experience. You need to see for yourself what kind of work you're going to get, not just asking a couple buddies if that's a good shop.

This seems like an average street shop. I don't think you'll get butchered if you go there, but there are so many better shops in your area that I can't really say I would recommend you to go here.

I know it's tempting to just get something ASAP and for free, but there are much better artists nearby.

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