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adrian lacey

22 years and now I'm allergic?

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Hello Good people!

I have been getting ink off and on since 1994.  However, I had a reaction @ 2006 (requiring antibiotics) and didn't get anymore again until 2009 and had zero problems.  Now again in December of 2015 I had a very infected arm that turned  into a full blown, weeping skin infection that needed antibiotics and prednisone. I decided to try one more time this past week and while it didn't turn into weeping skin this time, something is still amiss.  My artist is great, clean, follows all the procedures and several friends have been to see her.  Is it probable that over time ( I am now turning forty) that my body just doesn't want to accept the ink or is there something I can do?  I'd love to continue getting ink as I see fit, but not at the risk of needing antibiotics.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!!! 

The attached pic was from December. Swollen,weeping and obviously infected.  I've always followed cleaning and care procedures, which is why I'm perplexed.IMG_5418.JPG

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    • So in the end, they emailed me saying they have to reschedule and they needed to be with family. I asked for my deposit back and they said it was no problem and to just call the shop and ask for it. I think your right atomicmagpye, the tattoo gods are telling me something lol. Luckily I got in with another artist, I was planning to go to anyways, on friday to get the same subject in a different style.
    • See video for what happens when someone tattoos you in an RV - or in this case a car. It's the acceleration, corners and braking that usually cause the issues. It may be possible on a long stretch of highway - but still not usually recommended. skip to 35 seconds in for the educational bit.    
    • I would ask for the deposit back and find someone else,  if you feel bad about it explain you have no more vacation days.  It's not their fault re their current issues - but by the same token it is not yours either and they have already cancelled on you once. The tattoo gods may be trying to tell you something here :-). Anyhow My advice for what it's worth would be  - get the deposit back and find someone else..... Cheers and have a marvellous day. R.
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