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Lately, I've been entertaining the notion of getting a black and gray realism piece but I don't know of anyone nearby that specializes in that type of thing. I've been thinking about getting a bear/tiger/etc but don't really want to give it too much thought until I know if there's a guy nearby that can do it. Can anyone think of someone preferably within a few hours drive of me? I live in south central PA, about 2 hours from Philly and 1 hour from Baltimore, if that gives you some perspective.

As it stands now, I think Bryan Merck in Philly is probably my number one choice. I've seen some really nice black and gray realism from him, but not a lot of animals in his portfolio. I don't even know if he'd be interested. 

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True. I was just wondering if there were some other local gems I didn't know about. I mostly only pay attention to traditional/neo-traditional artists in my area and now I'm kind of interested in other styles and don't know where to begin.

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Most of the artists at the NYU convention were doing realism... that was just last month but I think a lot of those same artists go to the shows up and down the northeast- not too far from you in Central PA... maybe. 

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