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Need some creative ideas for a bad tattoo

Violent Idol

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So I recently got a tattoo for the first time, and I wanted to do something simple.

I'm a drummer in a band, so I thought I'd get black crossing drumsticks on my inner forearm. After a few days, I realized that it really just looks like an X.

So I want to add to it, but don't know what. 

It'd be great if anyone could mess around with it, and post any ideas/pictures on here.

Thanks a lot


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In your situation I would wait until you know what you want.

Someday something is going to hit you that will go perfectly with the drumsticks, and the trick will be the wait. If you don't have a ton of tattoos already and you walk into a shop and ask an artist, they'll come up with something that they'd like to do, and it will seem rad and awesome, and then after a while you'll be looking at your arm and wonder why you got that particular design, not having any particular relevance to YOU. (if you have a ton of tattoos already then you no longer care about this, and it can be a fun way to spend an afternoon, lol)

I'd just be patient and wait for something to come to you, because I think it will. OR, have a consultation, a paid one, and get some suggestions that you can then think about and not rush into. It is on a visible part of your body so you want it to be a well considered choice.

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