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Best Intentions magazine

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I've recently come across a great new publication called 'Best Intentions'. It's a zine I suppose but definitely more like a teeny tiny quality magazine. Think it's a quarterly publication - there's two available so far. I have them both and they're awesome. I think they're and £10 each, about A 6 in size but thick and packed with quality stuff. Great interviews (off the top of my head : Claudia de Sabe, Chad Koeplinger - is that how you spell it?) personally I love it because it had really high print quality and several of the pages are of paintings, flash etc that I can use for inspiration. Plus it's the perfect size for my handbag! Haha. 

You can pick it up from bestintentionsmagazine.Big cartel.Com/ the publishers have also done a book of Japanese reference which I've also just published. I'll post about it when it arrives. 

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