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NEW Tattoo of the Month Contest - INPUT NEEDED!


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I've been talking to @steve recently, and we want to revive the Tattoo of the month contest (no shirt prize this time around though). We thought it would be nice to get some input from the LST community as to what the new contest rules and structure should look like. Discuss!

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Awesome, I always enjoy those threads. 


I'm not sure what the goal of the rules here is, and I realize my suggestion would likely create more complication and work, but it would be kind of cool if there were a separate contest in some way for large scale and one off tattoos. It just seems that the large sleeves and back pieces win so easily. 

Conversely, the big pieces win because they are super awesome and probably I'm just jealous. 

Thanks regardless, I'm looking forward to the next contest thread. 




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I would suggest changing how the voting works, if possible.  There was always an advantage to the people who posted their tattoos first.  If you posted a tattoo towards the middle or end of the month you basically didn't have much of a chance regardless of the tattoo.  If it wouldn't be a complete pain in the ass to implement and administrate, what about something like a ranked ballot where, at the end of the month, people can choose their first, second, third favorite tattoos and assign, say 5 points to first, 3 to second, and 1 to third and tabulate that to decide a winner.


Could also be fun to run contests around themes like skulls, birds, flowers, or whatever.


Healed up and settled in stuff would be cool too.

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great points regarding the tattoos that are entered early and large scale work winning more often that small scale work.

a couple ideas along with themes, perhaps by:

- location... best knee, sleeve, squidpants, neck, etc

- style... best americana, black and gray, realism, portrait, etc.

- size... best back piece, one shot, filler, etc

- random... best walk-in, story/meaning (<-- sounded better in my head).


as far as points go, is it possible to set up the point system/code based on when votes/likes are submitted?  that also sounds better in my head, but maybe someone reading this gets what i'm thinking.

however this all turns out, i'm sure it'll be done right and not errbody will be happy, but i'm stoked to see it returning!

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great feedback - i guess thinking about it i do have some specific feedback

first i like @Graeme line of thinking with the poll

i think once the month ends - you put up the poll and allowing a voting to occur - makes the whole process much more like a contest - i know myself there were probably plenty of months when I 'liked' all the tattoos posted - which kinda made it like i didnt vote at all i guess

second - i wouldnt worry about themes and categories - when the contest was stopped one of the main issues was lack of posting particpation 

i do think it should be opened up to all tattoos though - clean slate - of course from that point a tattoo should only be allowed to be entered one time 

also i think that each member should be limited to one post / entry per month

i do think its ok to post the tattooer - hey - we are gonna know who did it anyway as most people also post in the lowdown where it is customary to post the artist name

now - are large pieces gonna have an advantage - maybe

are pieces from favored tattooers gonna have an advantage - maybe

but who cares - its all in good fun

let the games begin :)

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Graeme has a good point, I think one way to make the post timing fair could be a contest submission thread and a separate thread for voting. It could be a little bit more work posting all the pictures and tallying the votes vs just looking at how many likes but I think it would work.

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Everyone has pretty much said everything that I was going to say. I like the idea of submission being separate from the voting process, I like the point/poll recommendation, and I definitely think it would be great if there were separate categories for one shots, and "the big stuff" -- sleeves, pants, torsos, & backs. Just cause I feel like a lot of really incredible small/medium sized pieces don't get proper clout with the magnitude of a large-scale tattoo competing for attention.


edit: Also I'm super stoked that the contest is coming back! The video was cute haha

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I wonder if it would be more helpful in narrowing down entries to either limit each month to tattoos completed in said month, or on the flip side: only healed tattoos. I do like the idea of having a different category each month. For example: "August SKULL tattoo of the month" or "August Backpiece of the month" or "August Palm-sized banger tattoo of the month". I'm sure us LSTers could get crafty with it :11_blush:

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Love that we can get this contest going again!

I think a small tattoo and large tattoo winner should be awarded each month ('small' and "large' definition to be determined).
We could just have the first 7 days of the month be the only days submissions are allowed, and no voting can take place until day 8.

Being able to vote for 1st,2nd,3rd is a great idea too. 


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