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Hey I'm new here. I joined because I have a specific picture which I want to be my first tattoo just not sure if its possible. So I need help from you guys to find out weather such a drawing can be painted on skin. Thanks. 


Not sure when I'll be able to open threads in other categories so I'll post the picture here..?



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I think you can post other threads after 10 posts on the forum.

And I don't think that will work well as a tattoo. Too many fine lines that will thicken and blur with time, leaving you with a black blob in a few years time. Even if you did that as a massive backpiece, it's just too many lines too close together. What may work better is something like Ron Henry Well's smoky/drippy designs (pictured is an example), still sort of abstract and giving that fading in/out look that the drawing has, but with shading, which will hold up infinitely better.

I would suggest finding a really good, creative artist, and giving them free reign to come up with something inspired by that picture. We can offer suggestions maybe if you say where you're located.

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    • Hello everyone. So I got this rose tattoo two weeks ago. Still healing and I know I want to get it “fixed”. My issue with it is that while it looks like a rose you have to look hard to see it’s a rose. I have an appt. scheduled for April to have it worked on by a different artist (he did a pocket watch on my ribs last year that came out great). In meeting with him he said it lacks symmetry (which it does) among some other things, but he feels he can work on this. Looking for any advice. Is this fixable or is it a lost cause? If it’s not fixable then it is what it is, but Tully hoping for some input. Needless to say, I’ve been so bummed since I got because it didn’t come out how I would’ve liked. Thank you.
    • Ah, a dummkopf.    
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