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Hey Im new to the site and tattoos, been looking through it and love seeing all the useful information everyone is giving and hope to be asking for some help soon. One of my favorite artists is Gary Baseman and was wondering if anyone knows of a tattoo artist that would be able to do something of his on my arm?Any help would be appreciated.Something like this.V 

Tattoo idea.jpg

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awesome - I'm in jersey too - lots of great tattoo artist here

you know - there is a guy in Asbury - Matt Dunn - Old Glory - he did some pieces on me that were based off the art of David O'Keefe

it was as if the pieces jumped off the canvas and onto my skin

He did such a great job and is one of the nicest tattooers I've met

I think Matt would love to kill a piece like this for you

that said - there are many great artists in NJ and surrounding area

have you been looking at anyone's work on IG? that you like


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@NotUrOrdinaryM sure thing - lots of very knowledgeable folks here so you may have some more recs coming - I'd also go on IG and start looking at work - granted seeing a fresh tattoo on IG doesnt replace seeing that healed piece on the skin - but you'll get a good idea of whats out there - good luck and keep us updated 

the latest lowdown thread is awesome and i absolutely think the interview section should be mandatory viewing




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    • Oh. And your tattoos definitely cute. I love the story behind it. 
    • This post reminded me of a comment my family friend made about my father in-law. He made some comment about how he didn’t like women with tattoos and she was offended (she has a couple of small ones) and said “oh so you don’t like my tattoo” and he’s like no. I don’t like tattoos on women (he can be a bit of a knob from time to time). And my response was pretty much what most people have said... “if you got it for others to look at, rather than yourself, you probably got it for the wrong reasons”.    I have four personally, half sleeve, shoulder, collar bone and lower back. Two of mine are pretty decent in size and honestly, I get nice comments from people, I get snarls from others.. mostly older women that view tattoos a little differently but ALL of mine have sentimental meanings and I could give a shit less what people think because they mean something to me.    At the end of the day, regardless of what anyone thinks, you’ve got to be comfortable in your own skin, covered in tattoos or not. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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