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Advice on what to add


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Hey Folks!

So as most of us do I have decided I would like to expand one of my current tattoos. I am aware it would have been much better to map out a full back piece from the start but unfortunately that isn't an option for me anymore. 

As you can see I have a symmetrical owl on my upper back with lots of extra room on my lats all the way down to my waist line. I have a fair bit of a V taper so anything I add would need to flow in a way that made the owl the dominant subject of the whole tattoo. 

I am looking for any advice or suggestions around what could work. Pictures of ideas or themes would be great!

Thanks everyone 🙂


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4 hours ago, AverageJer said:

Two. I also have a sea monster which probably comes from the same ancient legends as dragons so the case could be made I have three. 



That's awesome man! I love the little one. His brown horns remind me of Shenron the eternal dragon from Dragon Ball Z. Coincidentally that is what I have decided to name mine haha. Have you given your's names? (forgive the awful quality pictures)



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