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I am getting a tattoo covered up on my forearm, picture attached, and I originally wanted the new tattoo to  start from the top of the sail boat and go up my arm to my bicep but my design won't really work that way. I want to get a banjo with flowers and birds, picture attached, and my tattoo artist thinks we need to go down my forearm... but this means the banjo would be upside down! The bass of the banjo would cover up the sailboat and the head would go down to my wrist. She said she would make sure the flow of the flowers and birds would go up my arm just the banjo would be upside down.

I can see it in my head, I don't think it would be terrible but I am having second thoughts. I need advice! Do you think an upside down banjo would be weird? Should I try to come up with something different? She did suggest we just do some flowers over the sailboat and in the ditch of the elbow and then do the banjo on my inner bicep. 

cover up.jpg


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well your boat tattoo is already upside down

so you want the coverup to also be upside down?

i'm confused by your post a little bit

and it kinda sounds like you're not really sure what you want

and where you want it - maybe stick around a bit and organize your ideas before charging ahead

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Yeah my current tattoo is upside down and I hate it. I could see how the banjo being upside down wouldn't be too weird if the flowers and birds flowed up my arm.. sorry, it does sound confusing. I do know what I want, just conflicted on placement. 

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