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    • so stop having anxiety over it,the tattoo looks very legible to me,and tell your colleague to shut the hell up, that's a pretty cool tattoo IMO. love it,embrace it,wear it with pride, and don't worry about what other people think of it.
    • Wow, I can't see having any stress over that.  Don't worry what others think/say, if it means something to you and/or your family, enjoy it and don't worry!  I'm beating that in 95% of your interactions with others it will be covered anyway. Adopt an old man's attitude... screw 'em!
    • Hi! I just got myself a new tattoo for my mom and dad and I loved it until a colleague missread the tattoo. If you read it as a text and pronounce q and k together it sounds like dick in my langugage and now i cant stop thinking about it. I have been having a lot of anqxiety over this and now I am already thinking of doing a coverup if possible or remove it. Anyone else who have had a simular experience when someone missread your tattoo in a bad way?
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