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Pain level on wrist

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3 hours ago, ligatortat said:

Considering an inner wrist tattoo - heard it might be a painful area since the skin is thin there - any experiences?

my wrists were not necessarily worse than any other parts for me,IMO all tattoos hurt.


don't let the pain level of a certain body part steer your desire to have a tattoo.

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56 minutes ago, ligatortat said:

wow oboogie you are just full of sarcastic obnoxious comments - just what people new to tattooing are looking for 

You are welcome! Hahaha.

Also, I'm not being sarcastic in this instance. My second tattoo was a tiny wrist doodle. It took less than five minutes. Pain was over before it fully registered.

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Personally, for me, outer forearm was a breeze. Inner was a bit dicey. I have one so low on my left wrist it basically touches my palm. It wasn't pleasant. Weird electrifying  volts shooting into my hand. Just weird feeling.  The one that touches my wrist on my other arm doesn't go so low, but still wasn't super fun. All manageable, but I felt it for sure. 

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