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This Goes The White Way

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Fellow LSTers,

I've been writing as a means of travel and before that, a means of study and just plain fun. So, since I have such a respect for this forum, and the people whom I posted with in the days while it was just budding, including some of you assholes who stuck around, I'm gonna celebrate the year of the Goat, mid-August, The Month of The Mystic Black Rose, by naming my nom du plume, Maks Coren Wylt, which channels my studies into writing on Facebook, and in other spheres. I've spoken with Sonju Rattler, one of my good friends and one of my bar mentor's tattooers, about making these pieces of what I have deemed my entrance into writing in Oakland senses and what was the most influential part of my life for as long as I can remember, the works I do in my off time, and with close friends. I have emailed Ron Henry Wells with a draft of my past 8 days of travel, staying with musicians, and reading religious works. He's always been a bit off schedule as far as human time. I've been busy with connections between a friend's band and Tattoo 13, where they shot a video shoot that I set up with Hector Fong. There are many more places to go, and many more moons to howl at. I'd invite you all to read, and see what you make of it. I am going to be sending the writing to tattooers, as I see proper. Money just started becoming an item on the table. Gotta hustle.

The Prayer Room, Maks Coren Wylt 2016




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I am fairly certain that you mean the white gate as opposed to the Black Gate. Makes complete sense, considering the Sonju Rattler reference. Heard he's a left handed tattooer, which is a rarity.

If it's the Unalome that I'm thinking of, I'd like to hear Freddy's take on it. He's got skills with those, as I've seen one on a friend in Oakland.

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