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How much would this cost


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Hello i'm 16 ( I have parietal consent and that is legal just so you know ) and was looking to get a tattoo related to the FD because i just passed firefighter 1. I saw this one guys tattoo and would like to get something similar but i need a price point can someone please estimate tell me what a professional tattooist would charge for this tattoo.



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18 minutes ago, marley mission said:

@AddisonHawke so hard to tell cost man - best thing to do is find the right artist first - then you can get into those discussions at that point

16 huh - damn - to think I waited till I was in my late 30s lol

good luck and if you need referrals 

tell us your general whereabouts

ok thank you ever much

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2 hours ago, DJDeepFried said:

His stuff looks clean and bold. Don't worry about the money so much. Seeing as you'll have this the rest of your life the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive artist becomes minimal if you divide the cost by the number of days you'll have it on your skin

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this /\


I stopped asking how much a long time ago.I just ask when it's done and pay for it and the tip.

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