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New Tattoos!!


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Gday all,


In total I've got three tattoos, two of them are brand new this week, and one I've had previously. The tattoo I got on my inner bicep has bruised, and is slightly tender in comparison to the one I got the day before. One of the guys at work swears that it's infected,

but I swear that it's not! I do plan on getting the rest of this armed filled in.


Love this tattoo!! It has a slight blowout, but it doesn't bother me. Does it look infected? to me it's just bruising.




This tattoo I'll be getting fixed up so that the blue shading is all the way through. When my arm is bent, it does make the tattoo stretch a little, so it makes it look uneven. Hopefully when the rest of my arm is filled in, you won't notice it as much.


Thanks heaps guys!

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1 hour ago, otisc said:

I'm not so sure about the linework on that name scroll ... but I am loving the tiger/snake tattoo. Would love to see more pics of it.

The tiger tattoo doesn't look infected at all. The tender skin looks reddened and bruised. It will heal.

This is the scroll with my arm straight20160908_095229.jpg

Thanks for the info guys20160906_182334.jpg

And that was straight after he'd finished

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20 minutes ago, otisc said:

No, I mean the line work. It's not great. Maybe skip that artist next time you head to that same shop.


45 minutes ago, oboogie said:

Like the tiger. The line work on that scroll is all over the place. If you go back, stay with the guy who did the tiger. :-)

Yeah, I spoke with the guy who did the tiger, and he's happy to add some background work to it, plus fix it up at the same time. Give it about three weeks, and it'll have more added to it :)

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