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One thing you could do is put a little line under the W and the E. Both lines would be on the outside and would re-orient the eye to make the W and E appear correct. See attached bad photoshop


It took me a minute to figure this one out. Brilliant.

Wouldn't be impossible to rework the letters too.

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I think most people are looking at this wrong, including yourself. Instead of trying to FIX it with lasers and excision, try to think of a way to make it work. I think marley mission has a really great message about accepting it and how in time it will be a piece that has value to you because of the experience that came with it. But I challenge you to leave it and find a meaning for it. Make it original and make it yours.

So East and West are reversed. Maybe you have a perfectly good reason for that, and that meaning is only told to those who ever notice the tiny discrepancy from a regular compass. Maybe you have a significant life experience in which you felt you got turned around, or made a 180 degree turn to make an important change. Find a way to create a story of the significance behind the reversed East and West. That is what I would do, and think you might find something really great if you think about it.

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