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Hello all,

I'm 47 years old from the Cincinnati area. I'm getting ready to start a traditional Japanese back piece after a 20 year gap since my first tattoo.  I've got the feeling that once that's done I'll probably look to move right into knocking my sleeves out too.  I'm not getting younger and I've always wanted this so now's the time. Loving this site, it's a great resource. I found my way here through Scott's Youtube interviews with the various well-known artists. Love those awesome insights into the artists'  backgrounds and personalities.

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    • So in the end, they emailed me saying they have to reschedule and they needed to be with family. I asked for my deposit back and they said it was no problem and to just call the shop and ask for it. I think your right atomicmagpye, the tattoo gods are telling me something lol. Luckily I got in with another artist, I was planning to go to anyways, on friday to get the same subject in a different style.
    • See video for what happens when someone tattoos you in an RV - or in this case a car. It's the acceleration, corners and braking that usually cause the issues. It may be possible on a long stretch of highway - but still not usually recommended. skip to 35 seconds in for the educational bit.    
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