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1 hour ago, Lance said:

Yup, I'll be there. No tattoos planned at the Convention, but I have an appointment with Jill Bonny the Friday afternoon before it begins. That should scratch an itch. I'm hoping to pick up a print or two while I'm there though. 

are you going on Saturday too ?

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On 10/7/2016 at 10:10 PM, Dan said:

so my wife and myself will be at oliver Peck's booth getting tattooed from 11am to around 4 or 5 on Saturday 10/22,

if anyone else is going and wants to meet,

PM me here and I will give you my # to text at the show.


@Dani forgot to check LST for this thread prior to the convention, so i missed this opportunity. perhaps next year!

@Gingerninja easy to have good taste at the Bay Area Convention.  great artists and amazing tattoos any way you turn.

One last pic. Andrew from Raking Light Projects talked me into picking this one up from Thomas Hooper... I just had to convince the wifey. You can see it hanging at his booth in the prior set of pics.

Hooper Untitled.jpg

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3 hours ago, suburbanxcore said:

@Hands On Thanks for all the great pictures. I'm pretty sure that Hooper piece was hanging at that show at Somatic Gallery back in August. His pieces were different than I expected, but very awesome.

it was there... i saw it on Raking Light Projects IG post. i'm lucky no one picked it up at that time!

he has some amazing art that's much different than his tattooing. He has a book out, called Inward, that's available thru Tattoo Life Magazine http://www.tattoolifemagazine.com/bookthomashooper/
 and I also recently found out he keeps his website up to date, which is pretty rare in this age of FB and IG... https://thomashooperart.com/

my favorite post has all the backgrounds used for the "The Traveler" print. pretty great stuff. the short little video on this link is also damn cool https://meditationsinatrament.com/2016/09/21/the-traveler/

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