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So as you may or may not have seen there were some request to start a new area for tattoo designs (thanks for the feedback!) so the LST Team decided to add a new tab obviously titled "Tattoo Designs" as you are here. But no one seems to be writing anything so I figured I would make an intro to our new tab and try to throw some gasoline and an M-80 on the fire to get it burning!

Please do not let the title of the tab limit your writing, pictures, ideas, creative muses, etc to tattoo designs but let it be any art. What, who is your muse for a piece and how do you decide what genre/format to do it in?

We see hundreds/thousands of dragons, tigers, skulls, roses, nautical, script, girls faces, daggers, yada yada art yet it continues to be done. There is nothing wrong with any of the above as I always enjoy seeing each artist or tattooers flavor added to it. For all you "foodies" out there think of the various spices or flavors chefs try over and over to make their own unique meal. Their own unique burger, grilled cheese, salad, you get the picture!

Oh yeah if you have art or flash or tattoo machines or what have yous post some info with a link under the "Vendor Marketplace" as that are is pretty silent as well and we hope will generate some new business for you!!

On with the bag of M-80s, lets do this.........

I think the best roses are done by Tim Hendricks and would love to hear how he came to how they are now???

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Ugh Tim's Roses are insane. I love the hands he did I attached a picture of...

As far as inspiration goes- my writing is often influenced by humanity and often the general lack thereof.

My visual arts can be influenced from something I see walking down the street, a play off of someone else's idea that I throw my own twist on, or simply from practicing a new technique.

PS - I know the link has been dropped somewhere else in the forum but it's totally worth reposting so here is the link to Tim's blog that you should check out!

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I agree with you both one hundred percent. Often times it is just being patient for me and patient with myself when creating. But the biggest influence is music, lyrics, poems, etc. I have always been obsessed with words hence so many tattooed on me as well as my psychology focus on linguistics. They can be played with skillfully and unskillfully and dissected and yadayada which is why they are endless and great inspirations, for me.

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    • Hi, posting here since the advice forum was blocked. I'm seeking advice on a tattoo for males to cover a scar going around my entire waist. It's very hard to find anything suitable for males. The best I found was this image. I can't even tell if it goes all around the waist but it's absolutely beautiful.  If anyone can tell me if this is some specific style of tattooing.  The images are so vivid,  I would honestly like to replicate it but don't even know what to search for. Can't quite find the words to describe it. I appreciate the help. I tried an image search and couldn't find anything like it. Nor can I make out the details.     
    • I had a tattoo on my calf last Saturday, so just over a week ago. It was a 6 hour tattoo so quite big. It's been painful to walk, stand etc and has swollen if I've been on my feet - which I have been as I've been at work. The healing wasn't looking like my other tattoos, but have held off as I just thought where it's a different part of my body and a longer time having a tattoo that it could be why. I was still having plasma leaking from it yesterday. I finally phoned the non emergency number here and they didn't seem worried, told me to go to my own doctor in a few days. It started feeling hot to touch and I could see some pus. So I went to to A&E and although they don't think it's infected, they've given me antibiotics to be on the safe side, have wrapped it in a dressing which I need to go to my local nurse and get changed on Tuesday.  The reason for this post.........the nurse said it looks like it has deep scarring. Is this going to effect the overall look of my tattoo, I'm gutted this has happened. Does anyone have photos of tattoos after infections or after deep scarring has happened? 
    • I went to A&E in the end as it was starting to feel warm to touch too and had some yellow pus. They don't think it's infected, just very irritated but have given me antibiotics to be on the safe side. It's also in a dressing now which I need to get changed in a couple of days. Pleased I went with my instinct and went today rather than waiting. Thank you for your comment. They've said that some of it looks like I have deep scarring 😢 hoping my tattoo doesn't look shit once it's healed. 
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