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Feedback - T-shirt designs

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Maybe this is naive or just hopeful, but I want to start an artist signature line of T-shirts,  designed by Tattoo Artists, I know this is not a new concept, but the niche will be that they are not shop T-shirts and not Sullen big productions from the larger companies (which are awesome). I would like to see simple clean designs, limited colors on Black shirts, made locally, of limited runs of 100 -300 shirts only, so that it actually matters that you have one of a limited supply (value added). Also limited run designs will mean that the art is constantly changing with fresh designs by the artists. There is a real opportunity for the Tattoo Scene to support local makers of things, like t-shirt makers and printers etc, instead of having things mass produced in China. Help your cousin Jim, you know what I mean. North America used to be a world producer, now we are consumer extraordinaires. This also gives a creative venue for tattooers who make awesome art which not so Tattoo-able sometimes, which can generate income for a rainy day fund when they are not tattooing (yes that happens). 

Here are 5 designs which I am considering for Black T-shirts (hence the black back-drop). 


What is your feedback? Why one or the other? If there is consensus, this thing can pop out in the real world and you are a part of it. How often do you get that opportunity?

x Dragon Head.jpg

x skull anchor logo 1.jpg

x skull anchor logo 2.jpg

x skull drape.jpg

x spider skull.jpg

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I believe that there is always room for a new company to emerge if it can capture a market share with a different or better product. And, I try to support US owned companies and products made here when possible.

in terms of my opinion, remember that I am a newbie to the world of tattoos - just have two, both done in the last 7 months. And, I'm at the upper end of your age demographic at 61. That said, here are my thoughts.

Someone needs to begin the process of driving the continued cultural acceptance of tattooing and its recognition as an art form. It seems that most  shirts I see, with few acceptances are black and most designs depict the "darker" images - skulls, zombies, villains, etc. Trying to eek out a new market for similar designs on black shirts with US costs would be tough - not impossible, but tough.

Personally, I'm looking for that new trendsetter. Colors, different and artistic designs and even classics that show the depth and breath of the art form. That is something I would buy. I've got enough black wife will tell you I have too many. ?

As a retired Army office and now president of a small college, I take every opportunity to show off my tattoos and to break the perceptions of tattoos and people who have them. I wear t-shirts often outside of work so having designs that show the art and artistry of tattooing would be both helpful and refreshing. 

Just my very limited and personal $.02.

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Thank you   Devious6 From your post, my mind goes to florals, blackwork and maybe big classic oldschool chest tattoo imagery. Things that may be beyond someone's comfort zone to get as a tattoo at this time (or the space is already occupied), but is up the alley and playing with the art. 

Maybe a series of Asian flowers, dragons, oni, animals etc and a series on classic Americana clipper ships, chest eagles, and a series in blackwork patterns, geometric etc... Interesting.

Secondly, it is hard to get away from the universal, matches everything black T-shirt, but I am open to suggestions. 

Here are some of my first draft flower and blackwork images as well as new geometric one for consideration...


x geo shirt.jpg

x Mandala line newA.jpg

x Mandala line newB.jpg

x new Color Rose.jpg

x new Skull linework.jpg

x Rose line new copy.jpg

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