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Hi everyone! Noob here, advice needed


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Hey guys and girls, noob here looking to get his first tattoo

I've been lurking around here for some time, taking in your experiences and advices. 

I've checked out many of the artists you recommended, and found that i really like the nordic tribal style of Peter Madsen https://www.instagram.com/blackhandnomad/?hl=en

What is your opinion on me showing some of Peters art to a local tattoo artist to get something similar done? Would that be considered offensive to the artist? 

I am located in Croatia, and, while there are some excellent artists here, most of them don't have a signature style, or have I style that I don't care for.

I am aware that having Peter himself do the tattoo would be the best option, but that would be a little difficult for me to pull of, both financially and logistically. 

Thanks for the advice!

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My advice is to Print 10 of your favorites and walk into a few local shops, pitch what you want with your 10 references pieces from Peter Madsen and they will either be into it and take on your commission or not. Beware, though, not every tattooer is honest enough with himself to refuse a project because it is beyond his current technical or artistic skill set. So ask to see if they have done anything like it or not, if you are the test subject then keep that in mind and don't have your expectations too high as somebody works their personal learning curve into your skin. You might spark someone's imagination into being the next big thing in a style or you might be walking in as wallet only, so beware. 

Peter Madsen has a unique aesthetic blend of a lot of influences, so don't expect someone to emulate his thing easily, If Peter Madsen is your man then make it happen, if you just like his thing, then someone else might suffice for now, with enough flavor to do the trick, just do not have the unrealistic expectation to have some random dude or gal be able to manifest something genuine that Peter Madsen has been working on as an artist his whole life, keep in mind an artist's expression is an accumulation of their personal influences and aesthetic filter, their them filter (as it were), so it is deeply unique to them.

If you do not feel comfortable or confident with your local experience, then make your way to a Tattoo Convention with a wallet full of money and your ideas and reference and you will be sure to find something you like and get. There is enough Tattoo Conventions these days that one has to be within range, otherwise, deal with the local reality, or better yet save money to travel for your favorite Artist, I am sure they would appreciate the effort and it would be reflected in your collective ink.

It is noteworthy that a tattoo takes two people, the artist / applicator, and the receiver / canvas it is a cooperation between these two and more human than any other art out there. Each influences the other, and the outcome is a reflection of their cooperation, and meeting of the minds and bodies. So pick your partner wisely, it is well worth the effort.

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I would recommend compiling a group of tattoo imagery you like,  then go and visit various shops/ artists to check out their portfolio. Once you find an artist (or several) that does the style you are looking for, you can speak with them and see what they can create for you. Spit ball ideas with them, listen to the artist, and enjoy the journey. 


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Call me a purist but I'd save up, fly out and get the real deal. Flights to Barcelona are going to be affordable in advance ( at least he's based in Europe). Can either make a trip of it- take a friend, get tattooed on the last day or go there and back on 1 day. 
Croatia is smack bang in the middle of Europe - everything is within reach. Perfect for starting a tattoo collection. 
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Wow guys, thanks for all the answers.

Yeah, the more i think about it, it seems the best option is to go and have Peter do it himself.

@byzantine recommended doing it in a day, but surely that's not enough time to design and implement a medium size (shoulder) tattoo?

I always thought about it as a process that takes several sessions.  Am i overestimating it?


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