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Hi people! Some advice / ideas needed


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Hi there! My name is Philippe, I live in Belgium and I'm 26 y/o. 

I'm coming to this forum to get some good advice on tattoo redo's and next tattoos. 

Goodday to all of you!


Edit: ... And then I noticed you need more posts to create a topic. 

Well, I'll just throw my question in here, hoping to get some good ideas. Currently I have some small-ish tattoos, and I'm looking to upgrade 2 of them. They are 2 triangle outlines on my forearms. I'm looking to get these kinda filled in with some symbols / illustrations / dotwork / shading / ... but only on one side. On the other side (haven't decided which arm) I wanna integrate the triangular shape into some kind of armband. Maybe something Polynesian, maybe something a bit more simple / abstract, maybe something completely else... I'm not sure yet and can't really find any good inspiration or ideas. 

What do you guys think? And don't make fun of the cat print on the pillow haha. :9_innocent:


Thanks in advance! And hopefully my English is making a bit of sense, it ain't my mother language. Cheers!



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i always find it funny that people need to fix bad tattoos - why?

just get more (better tattoos) - nothing needs fixing or covering or filling in - just get good tattoos

so you have traingles on your forearms - who cares - you get yourself some good tattoos on your forearms and you'll look back on those triangles as a marker in time - good or bad

anyway - you obviously know how to pick good designs and tattooers as I'm diggin your bicep bird

so now move forward and get more tattoos like that...then keep doing that

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