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Wife looking for cover up ideas


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Limiting the size will vastly limit your options. The bigger the cover up, the better the hide of the old tattoo art. If she likes the blue circle, get a new blue circle somewhere else and just bury the old completely. The directions you can go are infinite, so the real question is WHO do you want to do the tattoo, then work it out with that artist, his council on the matter will be unique to him. Cover-ups are special kind of art and skill set in Tattooing, so make sure your choice of artist does it.  Why waste time planning out your dream tattoo, to only find out your dream tattooer or standby tattooer does not do that stuff...either (1) cover-ups or (2) your choice of art for the project?

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3 minutes ago, DJDeepFried said:


Your answer is contained above. Ask your tattooer. Otherwise, I dunno. An eight ball? An anvil? Choices may be limited somewhat.

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I think eight ball is a classy choice. Or mini black panther head. I don't believe that a dragon would be the appropriate choice for this one.

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