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    • Eesoecially in my case I have my wrist all done my bicep isn’t even done then I have my shoulder done I literally can’t look at any of it cos I freak out about gaps then I start picking holes in everything I’ve gotta get it finished then question myself once it’s all healed if I don’t like certain parts I’ll have it lasered light so I can put something else there 
    • Don’t worry I’m going through exactly the same I’m currently in progress of a full sleeve and it got me pretty depressed “ since 3 weeks ago “ I’m slowly getting better it’s more of in the morning when I wake up I sort of look and think oh no then panic attacks happen. I understand how you’re feeling completely. I work myself up so much I get headaches 
    • Hey I’m new to this forum I recently got a large tattoo ( part of a on going sleeve ) covers my whole wrist area I had it done 3 weeks ago at first I really liked it but as days went by I started getting all depresssed and sad I woke up staring at it thinking was this a good choice my girlfriend has been there for me through out it all I’m currently 3 weeks in since it been done I’m starting to feel a little better I guess I just need advice on how to cope and if I will ever feel normal from people with similar experiences thank you 
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