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New here, looking for artist advice!


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Hello all! I have found these forums just recently and am excited to be here. I am looking to get a tattoo on my back of a fox, and so far, I am loving this dude's illustrative style (plus his lines and color look really consistent/clean to me): http://www.timewilltelltattoo.com/web/evan-dowdell/

Unfortunately he may not take on my project, so I was wondering if anyone else might know some badass artists around the southwest Ontario (Canada) area?

Thanks for looking! :)

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7 minutes ago, SStu said:

Toronto is quote close, right? https://www.instagram.com/davidglantz/

You might want to elaborate on why Evan may not take on such a project. Sounds like it would be right up his alley . . . 


Hey Stu, thanks for the reply! David's work looks awesome too, thank you for the recommendation.

I only say he may not take the project because on Evan's page there is says he is being selective about what he does/does not take on. I haven't gotten in touch with him yet though.

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Hey Dolorishana, 

Akeem from North York Ink, i read in one of the replies that Toronto wasn't a stretch for you soo give our shop a look!  

If you have Instagram hit us up: @northyorkink

Here are a few pictures for reference :)






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