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I’m a bit of a tattoo novice so sorry for the amateur question(s).
I have a tattoo of a star on my arm, which I am looking to get touched up. Some of the lines are a bit shaky so I’d love to get them straightened and to have the whole tattoo look sharper. I also want to add some shading to the inside of the star. Would this be something tattoo artist would be happy doing and could they get it looking great?
I live in London so there isn’t a lack of tattoo shops around me. I just need to find one that is credible and are also open Sundays (I work a lot). The shop I had in mind was Black Garden Tattoo (www.blackgardentattoo.com). Does this shop look good?
Would I also need to ask for a specific artist in the shop? Or as it’s not a complex job, would any of the artists be able to do it?
I don’t feel comfortable going back to the original shop that did it. Sorry again if this is a bit of a stupid question. I’ve had bad experiences with tattoos in the past and not getting the best outcome, so I’m really worried that it will be a repeat of that.
I really appreciate any help at all.
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not a stupid question at all.


looks like you picked a tattoo studio already, you may do well to get an appointment on a sunday though.


nobody can answer whether the artist will want to do it, you would have to ask them, thats also where you will get the best advice as to the best solution.


with regards to picking he artist, why don't you go in the shop and ask the receptionists advice?

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 "why don't you go in the shop and ask the receptionists advice?" from Transplant ....  is great advice, because the receptionist will know who does or does not do the type of job you are enquiring about. They are the traffic director for that environment and can answer your basic general questions, before you get to the next level, ie, in front of a Tattoo Artist. 

Tattooers, often hammer away at a particular style or subject for a while before moving onto something else, so the receptionist will know who is your best tool for the job in question. 

Explain what you want to do, (write it down first to collect your thoughts and get clear on your goals), bring reference photos printed from the internet, this will help you communicate your goals succinctly and clearly. A picture says a thousand words and this is especially true for Tattooing  and Tattoo art, the more pictures you can point to the better. Tattoo language is a difficult thing to learn, there is no dictionary on the subject, talking about visual arts can be difficult in the best of times, let alone dealing with the multitude of General Tattoo Genres, styles and Tattooers personal styles, subject matter etc..., it can be confusing for even veteran Tattoo People.  

Remember what may feel like a genuine stupid question only feels stupid because you are sincere and vulnerable, asking for help. It is actually stupid to not ask questions, and pretend you know the answers or act in ignorance. The veterans of this forum, are happy to help the newbies, because...who knows....but they do. We are all a part of this wonderfull Tattoo thing, the more the marrier.  

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Hi and welcome!

I can't give you specific advice regarding what's possible with your tattoo, but Black Garden Tattoo is a reputable shop with great artists for sure. So yeah, go and talk to them and feel free to roam this forum as well!

And if you need more recommendations for shops or artists in London, let us know...

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