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I actually like the shadow - lots of potential meaning in it: the true strength of the Pawn,; the desire to grow and improve oneself to become a King; How one sees oneself, not as a Pawn but a King.......

If you're just a chess fan than the pawn itself is fine, but if you're looking to portray something than just being a fan of chess, your original is much better, IMHO.

Placement, to me, is related to size and your future plans for tattoos. I would first find the trusted artist who understands your intent and then talk with him/her about where and how big it should be.

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22 minutes ago, SciGeek94 said:

or this one


This one.  Sorry for the mixing of the Queen and King. In my defense, it was early and I was just working on my first cup of coffee.


Scale and placement are important - I would also prefer to see the shadow bold and black, not muted as in this example. IMHO, that makes it a more definitive statement and not just a mere shadow. Just my own $.02, though.

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