Jennifer Stell

Prints and Paintings by Richard Stell for sale...

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Pork Chops Sheet: 31”/42” 300.00 plus shipping but price changes at the end of the month of April or May to cover the paper cost going up… it will be 450.00 plus s/h when he gets the last run at the price we are getting them for currently….

Pork Chops Sheet: 31”/42” 300.00

Photo 1

Contortionist: 16”/12” 60.00 plus s/h

Photo 2

Limited Edition Panther Girls: 32” by 24” 250.00 plus s/h

Photo 3

Limited Edition Tiger and Snake: 24” by 32” 250.00 plus s/h

Photo 4

All this can be bought thru his website….

Welcome to Richard Stell via PayPal…

If anyone if buying multiples they should just email me for a discount in shipping…

Paintings... I just sold two of his paintings last week, he doesn't like me posting them up anymore, at least until after it's sold... If you are interested in getting something original, just message me...We have a lot but only a few he is willing to part with.

A couple Examples: Photos 5 and 6

Message me here or email: if ya are interested.

–Jennifer Stell

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I updated his website, paintings were scanned, and I get most of it out tomorrow to the Printers...

New Prints of the Secretary Bird, and Moby Dick going into production.

Secretary Bird: 37.5'' by 15''.....$200.00

Moby Dick: 40'' by 18'' ......$250.00

Welcome to Richard Stell

Prints will be on hand for the West Texas Tattoo Convention this Feb... Or you can go ahead and grab a pre-order...

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New Prints in Stock: richardstelltattoos.coml

We have them on hand as well... I ship from where ever we are at in the world...

Secretary Bird: $200.00 plus s/h

Dimensions: 40''inches length by 18''inches width

Moby Dick: $250.00 plus s/h

Dimensions: 40''inches length by 18''inches width

Down to 1 or 2 sets of the Flash he did with Bob Roberts and Aaron Coleman...

Same thing for the Porkchop Sheet...

And Getting there with the Limited Editions w/ the girls riding the panthers and the tiger and snake...

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If I had the bread ,Id fork it out.Love the Moby dick. how would I know where richard will be next? I know yall travel constantly, Im gonna be mobile @ april ,heading west / north towards SF from Alabama. Im trying to plan my epic journey and would love to get tattooed and tattoo, anyone can ask me or ask Scott Sylvia about my resume.

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Guest cerobinson1980

We have a pork chop sheet of richards and it looks awsome hangen on our shops wall. Wish I could convince the boss on getting more!

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