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Trying to fix together my own design - Chess Tattoo

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Been playing with a bunch of ideas- This is the latest to go along the outer forearm - The phrase is French for "checkmate"

File_000 (8).jpeg

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Have you found a tattooer you want to do the tattoo?

If yes, you should take the idea to them, schedule an appointment, and have them draw something up for you.

If no, you should look for a tattooer in your area who has a style you want to see your tattoo done in. You can do this by either dropping in to shops around you or looking on instagram or facebook or whatever.  Find someone who has a style you like so you don't have to worry about the design.

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beyond recommending a shop or artist there is not much advice we can offer. sure we can say place it this way or that way, or make it this size or that size, but at the end of the day these are decisions you should be making with professional tattoo artist.

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    • I'm no expert, but in my research I've learned that there's a few possible causes for this. If it's an allergic reaction it can go away on its own. Some get it days after getting the tattoo and others years - it varies person to person. If it doesn't go away on its own definitely go see a dermatologist or at the very least talk to your tattoo artist. It could also be an infection caused by lack of proper care during the healing process. I've also learned that applying too much skin care products can essentially cause itchy, white bumps. Again, I'm not an expert and someone else here will probably have a better answer for you. But if you're that worried about it talk to your artist or see a dermatologist. Good luck and try not to worry.
    • Yeah, looks normal to me as well. Just sit back and let the healing process do its thing. 
    • more pictures! I also got a traditional piece in May! I must say it's my favourite piece so far :) Enviado desde mi Redmi Note 8 Pro mediante Tapatalk
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