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Cor Mysterium Volume 1

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Super stoked that Cor Mysterium is available for pre-order. I am super excited to see all of the various submissions by some of my very favorite artists on the planet with the symbolism explained/dissected. Can't wait for mine to arrive!

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Right on @bongsau. I love a great book. I'm really interested to read the "symbolism dissected" component.  As an Humanties and anthropology major, this type of book is my cup of tea. I'm sure we'll be able to discuss the various images and their associated meanings...and if we buy into the explanations.

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47 minutes ago, bongsau said:

hey what is the difference between the standard and special edition? 

(just curious, the special ed was sold out when i went to preorder)

I could be wrong, but i believe the only difference is the cover/binding... leather vs linen. The website doesn't really say the difference.

i went back and forth before finally purchasing the special edition because i thought it was the only one that came with the prints.  then it was later posted on IG that both editions come with the prints!



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Got my book yesterday ! I got home and saw the big box and figured it was one of my dumb ebay impulse buys or car parts haha...totally forgot I had pre-ordered this baby a while back.

Came with some nice prints by Grez and Rubendall. Really nice attention to detail on the overall project. I went to bed super late, cause I got stoked and had to look at every single god damn page. Some super cool tattoo art and meaning dissection. I didn't realize how many tattooists were included in the project. Gonna have some new ideas brewing after digesting this book !

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