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Hello! And Question on Bikram


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Just following the forum for some advice. I have 4 tattoos now and working on a full sleeve. Stuff seems addictive haha! 

Question ...

I've having an intricate sleeve done in bits and pieces every two weeks. But not doing Bikram yoga in this time is killing me. Can I return after 7-10 days of a new piece being done? My only concern is colour loss as it's a very bright tattoo. I'm reading many conflicting things online - some people saying it will be fine (including my artist), but others saying to wait longer. For those who don't know Bikram yoga is 90 minute yoga done in a very hot room (so there is a LOT of sweating).


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hello @HelloJo

keeping healthy is important aspect of the healing process IMO. personally, i'm training my kung fu 1-3 days after I get tattooed. i just throttle my training, ease up and be aware of limitations in mobility and contact. Especially you don't want to overdo it by force-stretching out areas where the skin has tightened from the healing tattoo. 

I don't think you need to wait 7 days...you could return to your practice earlier as you feel comfortable. perhaps try a different form of yoga where they don't crank the heat...the heat and sweat could make any scabbing soggy and lift the scabs prematurely. try wearing a long sleeve sport shirt so your sweat is wicked away from the area. good luck, happy training happy healing :)

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