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Lyric tattoos


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Hey guys, so I've started an american traditional arm, which will hopefully have a lot of music related pieces. Wondering if anyone wants to share so g lyrics they've gotten to compliment their art? 

I'm thinking about getting a zippo lighter with the words 'long as I can see the light' after the creedence song. Although I'm concerned people may mistake that for a religious deal, but ah well its not and its for me.

Also planning a guitar with 'simple man' and a 'sympathy for the devil' tat. 

Also can anyone tell me how to post outside the initiation forum? All of my other forum options are greyed out?




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12 hours ago, oboogie said:

You have to engage on other threads for a while before you can post in other forums.

I have some Johnny Cash lyrics and John Lennon lyrics incorporated into my tattoos.

Oh ok cheers :) 

That's awesome, I'm a big Cash fan, which of his lyrics have you got?

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I have lyrics from Hot Water Music, Jawbreaker, and Minor Threat on me.

The HWM ("Live your heart and never follow") and Jawbreaker ("Yell it out before it kills you") are a little longer than I would go now. I got them when I was pretty young, and they're a little cluttered. I still love them, but I wish I'd approached them a little differently.

The Minor Threat one is just "Out of Step" in a banner around a dagger/rose. I'm pretty sure it's in my gallery.

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12 hours ago, Tornado7 said:

I have four lyrics tattoos, but none of them contain words. That's too literal...

I'm working on filling my left arm with U2 songs. I have more ideas than arm though.

I may add one word over my shoulder, 'love' in Bono's handwriting.

i like the idea of having images representing song lyrics instead of having the lyrics themselves

that said, i also have "imagine" in John Lennon's handwriting on my wrist.imaginelyrics.jpg

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I like music tattoos, but like others on here I'm not as into text as I used to be.  Finding an image that somehow represents a band/album/lyric will go much further in the long run.  That being said, good looking script or traditional text can look real nice and complement an already awesome image...

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