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Hi there, would love some advice on a scarred tattoo?

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So I got a tattoo about 9 weeks ago, and a few areas scabbed up. I left the scabs alone and let them drop off on their own but now I am left with 2 pink scars (one of the scars is slightly raised). The tattoo was pretty overworked and now I am left wondering if this ifs fixable with a touch up or if I have to wait 12 months or should I just leave it alone all together? 

I am pretty disappointing as this tattoo is highly visible (on forearm) and I have never had any problems like this before with my other tattoos.

Any advice/opinions are appreciated!





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9 weeks is not even healed,let it go 6 months and look at it again,as long as it's not infected,relax and let it heal.

that doesn't look infected IMO.

most artists offer free touch ups if needed. (be sure and tip them for supplies)

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    • it looks fine, let it heal for 4 to 6 weeks ,remember when you are breathing, moving, trying to get a pic, it's going to look off, crooked, whatever, it's on a human F***ing body ! relax, like I said, it looks great. it looks fuckin straight to me.
    • Hello  So 3 days ago i got done my tattoo. All seemed fine till today. I removed the tattoo protection sticker and i noticed its uneven! In my opinion its not written in one straight line. What annoys me the most is the last word ‚heart‘. Its so off the line and now i dont know what to do! Can i fix that or will it go back into line when healed? Please help me out..
    • It happens every time I remove tape or saniderm post-tattoo. It'll go away.
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