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Scar on my left deltoid, what tattoo?


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I had surgery more than one year ago on my shoulder, the surgeon removed a bone spur and I'm looking for a suggestion as to what tattoo should I get to cover the nasty scar that now i have. Thank you for your help!

I only have one tattoo on my back. In the pictures you can see the back tattoo and the scar on the top of my shoulder.

I wish i could do a full sleeve but that would create a potential problem with my accounting job. So maybe something just big enough to be covered by a short sleeve shirt?

Thank you for your help!





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Shouldn't you decide what tattoo you want ?

i had shoulder and bicep surgery and got my sleeve to cover it, basically the only decision I made was swapping which arm the tattoo I really wanted was going to go on*


My artist had tattooed over a number of scars so during the design consultation appointment we or more to the point he just altered the design to cover the scars. I had two minor scars on my shoulder and one thin long scar on my bicep.


so I would decide what you really want and talk it over with your artist 




this had worse scars and he pulled it off 


* I had a Japanese full sleeve tattoo done one of the scars was covered with shading , and the others were covered by black and grey water design

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