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Skull and roses sleeve

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Hey guys I'm looking to get a skull and roses sleeves just like the picture I attached.. does anybody have anymore pics of that that guys sleeve on the other side or if you guys have something like that I'd love to take a look at it !


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I would assume it's more roses and skulls.. Are you looking to incorporate other things into it or are you just curious about what the other skulls look like? Because if you are, don't worry, go to an experienced tattooer and they will be able to give you skulls and roses by the boat-load without ripping off a photo you found on pintrest or instagram.

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    • Thanks for the advice and warm welcome! I think I will try out a new artist for my next one. One more thing, this next tattoo will fill up the last large space on my lower arm. I have a bunch of small filler tattoos I want although I am not very particular about the placement or even the design, would it be normal to let an artist know I have some random spaces, and give them 8-10 things I want but let them choose 2-3 to tattoo or do you think it would be preferred to just provide the specifics when scheduling. I am not typically very picky and since they'd be choosing from a list I would be pretty comfortable letting someone more artistic than me choose what makes sense in the available space.
    • Welcome! Those are sweet tattoos. I say do both. You can have it all. 🙂
    • My artist has done my sleeves and my legs, but I occasionally go and get a tattoo from someone else. I love his style, and I want him to finish what he started on my sleeves, but I like fill-ins from others. Just depends on what you want.
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