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Hi I'm new to this forum but I'm really looking for people's opinions. I am booked in to get my thigh tattooed at the start of February. The tattoo artist is drawing up a skull with a Native American headdress ( a tattoo I have wanted for years but never got round to getting). Now that I have booked it I am very nervous, I think this is for a few reasons: firstly all of my tattoos are currently on my back/ribs so out of even my sight, whereas thigh I will see a lot more. Its a new tattoo studio for me, though I trust the artist as he is great, I just don't feel "at home" there yet if that makes any sense. And thirdly, something that never crossed my mind until I booked the tattoo is the issue of cultural appropriation. This is my main concern as obviously the last thing I would be looking to do is offend anyone, I just love the art. My husband thinks I'm thinking far too much about it. What do you all think? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! 

Similar to the photo below.


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I'm not sure how much help I'm going to be because I don't want to tell you what to do. There are several threads on this site already about cultural appropriation that are pretty good so reading through them could be helpful. 

The shop comfort issue totally does make sense as I have always been a little nervous getting a tattoo away from the "home court."

Personally, I would't wear that tattoo even though it's a cool as hell design, but, again, I'm not telling you what to do. It's a line you have to draw for yourself and live with. 

Good luck. 

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my opinion is I wouldn't give a F*** what anyone else thought about it if it's what I want.

" cultural appropriation ",  it seems to me with all the political correctness gone wrong,everything people do offends somebody !

If I like a tattoo,I either like the art or it means something to me personally,I don't get it to offend anyone,I have several tattoos that are from other cultures,so what ?

I think people need to lighten up a little.nobody owns a style or art form.



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I agree, that the world has maybe gone a little crazy with political correctness and cultural appropriation. I don't think there is anything wrong with getting something from another culture tattooed, there is just something niggling at me with this piece, possibly because it's a skull. I think I'm going to have to speak to the tattoo artist. I don't think I should get something I'm not 100% comfortable with and I want a tattoo that I will always be proud to have. If it didn't bother me then I wouldn't let someone put me off getting it but because I'm unsure, it's probably not the tattoo for me. Just hope the artist is understanding about me changing it. If not then I'll just have to lose my deposit. 

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Thank you for your replies!  I have decided to go for skulls and roses, phoned the tattoo studio and they were pretty fine about me changing it. I'll attach a picture of what I'm thinking (it's based on the three wise monkeys I am no artist so excuse the bad art!) and I'm thinking of getting grey and black roses in the background to link it all together as one piece (like the other attachment) I already have roses up one side of me and they are only pink and green so this would also tie in better. 

If anyone has any ideas on any improvements I'm all ears! 

thank you all again 




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