llo from California

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Hey there, I found this site and figured I would register. I am looking to get my first tattoo soon and I need some help. Any chance I could get some help? I am an athiest so nothing about devine intervention, but I want to display how fortunate I am to be alive and where I am at today. A kind of "fortune is in my favor" tattoo. I am in the army so something bad ass would be perfered haha thanks guys


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Hello new friend. Where are you located? We could make artist suggestions if we know where you're at, then you could go take a look at their portfolios and talk to the tattooers whose work you like, then you could work out something bad ass with them.

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How about just getting a girl head with some type of army fatigue and the words fortune is in my favor in a banner.As far as shops in Monterey,the only one i know of is Gold Coast Tattoo Mike,Chris& Dave,are pretty good.It all depends on what style you wan't the tattoo to be in.Do you like traditional work,or do you wan't it to be in black & grey,and more realistic.I would also recommend making the drive up to Santa Cruz where there's some better shops to check out.

Tattoos by Stefan Johnsson does real nice traditional work. O?Reilly?s Tattoo 1108 Mission St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060 831-425-7690 One of the best shops.

Jessica,Doug,Gio,Ron@ Staircase Tattoo & Body Piercing - Santa Cruz, California There's also a convention in Fresno if you wan't to check that out. Central Valley

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    • Okay so this is scarring? Also the question is if I was to remove this tattoo would I have scarring in the shape of the tattoo ? 
    • Thanks!  Loving it and stoked to finish it up... Will be really cool to nail down the color scheme as we finish it.  Could go pure traditional (black, gray, red, yellow) or change it up a bit...  I saw a traditional eagle the other day done in all monochrome black/gray/blue shades... not as traditional but super cool.
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