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2 artists working on same tattoo at same time


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Has anyone had 2 artists work on them at the same time on the same piece?

I have an appointment coming up in a month to start my back, it will be my 14th tattoo and its going to be a cover up,(Traditional eagle, snake maybe skull),covering my first tattoo(name across shoulder blades) and taking up about 70% of my back. I've been wanting this tattoo covered for the last 10 years and am excited to finally get started on it.  I asked my regular artist who does good traditional work to collaborate on the piece with another artist in the shop whose good at every other style but traditional but very meticulous. I thought I would be getting the best of both worlds 2 good artists bouncing ideas off each other, discussing placement, designing a great tattoo and then 1 artist would ink me. I had my consultation a couple months back and was told that both artists would be tattooing me at the same time, and that I would be paying both artists their full hourly rate, but this would cut the overall time to complete the tattoo in half. I agreed but the closer I get to the appointment the more nervous im getting. I've never been tattooed by 2 artists at the same time. I sit good, but im wondering how bad is the pain going to be?.. Does the tattoo look good or can you tell 2 different people worked on it?  Has anyone ever experienced this?  We've got 3 hours planned to do the outline.. also I understand both artists wanting their full hourly rate but I feel like they cant both tattoo at their normal speed if they have to constantly look out for each other...  Anyway, can anyone chime in about pain and appearance of finished tattoo from being tattooed by 2 artists at the same time?


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my first back piece session was linework by Chad Koepligner and Jondix.  They both work super fast, which means they were ripping into me pretty good. It was painful as F*** and there are fewer breaks.  usually, you get the breather when your artist is dipping, wiping, or thinking. in the case of having multiple artists, one artist's break is the other's prime time.

I posted about it here, in the collaboration thread:


here's some video evidence: 

the appearance of the one session where they both worked on me simultaneously turned out just fine.


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Thanks man.  That helps, still nervous but im glad to hear it turned out great... looks good btw.


ive had 7 pieces done by my artist in the last 9 months all ranging from $350-$600, and I thought I would start to get some kind of deal for being a repeat customer, that hasnt happened yet and prices actually went up..  He's just a local guy, not a "known" artist, and he's charging $150/hr... Ive often thought about trying to find a better artist but I hate dealing with the anxiety of finding a new shop/artist and my artist is actually nice... I hate cocky artists who constantly talk shit about their clients and the "stupid" ideas they have.

I actually have an appointment tomorrow for a lady head tattoo with him, im  just a little disappointed about the price.. The piece is already drawn, it was part of a costume party giveaway at a local bar/club.. a girl won but never claimed it and her claim time has now ran out.. So I told him I wanted first shot if she didnt take it.  Well He's charging me $600 before tip... I just thought that was high for the piece and considering it was originally gonna be a free tattoo if the girl claimed it, it was already drawn, not a custom made piece specifically for me, and I have an appointment with him and the other artist for my back outline in less than a month that they are charging me $900 for.... Maybe my expectations are too high??   but if anyone has any traditional artist recommendations in GA area, please let me know.



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@bevans555 don't get me wrong... you should still be nervous.  it's pretty damn horrible. and it's on the back, which is horrible enough with just one artist working on you. be ready to practice some controlled breathing and meditation!

as far as price goes, i've never come across an artist who gives a discount for repeat customers. but i also haven't gone to one artist for that many tattoos either. i can't imagine an artist even giving a discount for someone getting an entire body suit.  the price is the price. they're doing a job to get money to pay rent, feed their families, and buy all the shit they want... just like the rest of us.

that said, there are tons of great artists around with cool personalities.  you shouldn't feel committed to one artist just because you don't want to venture out and take a chance. if you're not happy with his work or what you're getting for the price, you deserve to find a "better" artist, as you put it.

also... feel free to share some pics of your current work, if you so desire.  We LSTers love us some tattoo pics!

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