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Hi, guys I'm new here and am currently saving up for my first tattoo. (goes slowly but I'm getting there $ by $)

After carrying an idea in my head for years and then finally deciding on style I began looking for an artist. I ended up finding not one but two artists that happened to work together I was ecstatic...until one decided to start his own shop.. in another country. I also discovered a third artist who seems to be more versatile but whose work I really like as well. I'm very torn between these three.

I'm going for a nordic/viking style so I was wondering if you could tell me your opinion of them and which of those you would choose?

https://www.instagram.com/blackhandnomad/ (I discovered him first, was a bit unsure at first due to all the geometric work but his sans-geometry I really liked as well)

https://www.instagram.com/sacred_knot_tattoo/ (this one worked with the one above and I've been liking his work more and more)

https://www.facebook.com/pg/mightyhorseman/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1091936734184111 / https://www.instagram.com/tatu_swede/

Thank you!

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