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I've been lurking around these forums for a few days, and have enjoyed all of the advice and inspiration that you all give here. I have two tattoos. The first was done 13 years ago, and is my brother's name in Japanese on my right forearm. I was really ignorant when it came to tattoos, and so I ended up with a pretty bad tattoo. My second tattoo is a Sanskrit word for non-violence, Ahimsa, that sits on my right chest. I'm stoked to continue collecting tattoos! As of now, I have found a few great artists here in San Diego that I like, and will eventually do a Japanese style sleeve on my left arm, and a traditional sleeve on my right. I do have a question but I'll leave that for my next post. Thanks all!



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    • Hi Lilu can I ask what your tattoo looks like now? I have a similar problem with my new tat
    • Hi everyone, I got a floral tat on my arm exactly a week ago. The little turtle in the middle has been there for a few years, the flowers around it are new. Fresh out of the chair the shading was light and perfect. But three days later I noticed the three flowers closer to my elbow were getting darker - specifically that the shading was getting darker. The flowers closer to my wrist are not so bad. A week on now and the dark shading in the petals seems to have gotten slightly darker still. Is this normal? Could it be a subtle form of blow out? I really liked the lighter shading and I feel like it is now too dark, I'm hoping after everything has peeled it will look lighter again. Photos attached I know we won't fully know what it looks like until it's healed in 4-6 weeks but any help in the meantime would be hugely appreciated, especially if anyone thinks this is blow out or has similar experience with shading that seemed to get darker instead of lighter Ps I'm in Sydney Australia where covid restrictions have lifted for tattoo parlours
    • Here's a couple who a fully capable:  
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