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symmetrical calf tattoo help

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I’m in the early stages of brainstorming my next tattoo. I want to add a piece on my left calf that mirrors the jar of flowers I already have on my right (by Myra Oh):

healed toxic flowers 1.JPG

I’m not aiming for perfect symmetry, but something with a similar silhouette in an American traditional style.  (The imagery doesn’t have to be traditional, though I’m open to that.)

A traditional hot air balloon is a contender right now, something like the ones Ashley Love does:


What other kinds of designs might fit well in this space and balance well with my current tattoo?

Somewhat related: In general do you find artists are willing to work with loose design ideas (e.g. something traditional that will fit on my calf and have a similar shape to the tattoo on the other leg), or do they prefer a more concrete idea?  (I’m sure the answer to this is “it depends on the artist”, but maybe you guys have some deeper insight.)

Thanks all!

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On 1/16/2017 at 11:17 AM, SStu said:

2nd question = depends on the artist. Some hate it when the client doesn't know what they want. 

1st question = shape can be adjusted by adding background/etc. Pick an object that speaks to you. 



Well that's pretty solid advice.  And it seems obvious now.  I'm strongly considering going back to the same artist for the other calf because I had a great experience with her last time and that way even if the shapes of the tattoos don't totally mirror each other, at least having them done in the same style will add a degree of congruence.  Thanks for taking the time to reply to an anxious tattoo noob with a propensity for overthinking everything!

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If you were happy with Myra, it certainly makes sense to go back to her. Although there are plenty of the Inksmith dudes in your area that could also knock out a killer tattoo.

But yeah, I'm sure she or anyone could make it work size-wise. A more concrete idea could help give you and them some guidance, but you can sculpt it to fit a bit a lot of different ways.

I wouldn't say I have similar tattoos in most spots, but I have a few sort of symmetrical ones done by the same artist and he made it work perfectly. I do have two different moths/butterflies in symmetrical spots. The second artist took a tracing of the first and then worked with that for his drawing.

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5 hours ago, tattoosboygirl said:

You should probably check out TattoosBoyGirl as there are lots of tattoo ideas for both men and women on the site. You will surely find a wonderful design for yourself on the site.

Or you could not be a dumbass and work with an actual tattoo artist. You know, a professional who knows WTF they are doing. That would be an idea too.

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I like the hot air balloon and have wanted one for myself. I also like the framed portraits, or maybe even a vintage bird cage or cameo portrait would look nice.

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Thanks guys.  I have since gotten my second tattoo and 1) it does not mirror the first one, and 2) it's on the same leg as my first.  :15_yum:  My latest plan is to work on filling up my right leg with oneshots, so maybe I'll get a little hot air balloon eventually.

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