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Got my first tattoo Saturday. Already have the next planned (skull with old school revolver and blue rose) Tons of information here. All I'm doing is antibacterial soap three times a day and hustle butter 15 minutes after. Shower I just wash it with Dr Bronners. Loving this tattoo.


First day (right after) got it done by 9pm

Second one: just took it this morning. 







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8 hours ago, Devious6 said:

Welcome!!! Just don't overdo the hustle butter. It needs air to heal.

Yeah, I've backed off to fragrance free Curel. Everything seems good, the outlines seem to transfer over to the paper towel when I pat it dry. 

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I like hustle butter, but I also use it on my hands and feet for a moisturizer. I prefer Ora's herbal tattoo salve, it is a lot thinner a bit greasier, feels like it absorbs and protects better without keeping it too wet. I have never had a peeling or itchy tattoo so far. The arrow on my outer forearm that goes from wrist to elbow is the only one I have had that transferred ink. That was the first night, on my white sheets in bed. I feel like I heal them really quickly with whatever it is that I am doing. 

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