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Lots Reference Books for Sale

Shane Solusar Bywaters

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Selling tons of reference books. Message me for details and prices. Discounts for bulk buyers.

Skull reference 

Celtic art 

408 Victorian ornamental designs 

Celtic and medieval alphabets 

Heraldry a pictorial archive 

Tahiti felixs master tattoo acetate vintage collection

Tahiti felixs master tattoo acetate vintage collection 2

An instant guide to insects 


Atlas of human anatomy frank netter

Insects of the world

Textile designs

Natural companions plant combinations 

Talismans and amulets of the world 

Gustav klimt 25 master works 

Maxfield Parrish the landscapes 

A Dore Gallery Gustave Dore'

Baroque and Rococo art and culture 

KLIMT Gustav Klimt book


Egon Schiele galerie arnot 

Michelangelo the last judgement 

Francis Bacon

The life of Christ in art

Art Nouveau painting sculpture jewelry glass architecture 

The art of the popes from the Vatican collection 

Northern Renaissance art painting sculpture from 1350 to 1575

Jackson pollock 

Francis Bacon

The angel tree 

Sidney goodman

The cult of the virgin, offerings ornaments and festivals 

The mushroom hunters field guide 


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