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Shane Solusar Bywaters

Artist and Tattoo Artist Books For Sale

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Selling tons of books. These are great for inspiration or reference, some are out of print. Discounts for people that buy multiple books, Message me for details, questions, and prices.

Sacred mirrors Alex grey

Transfigurations Alex grey

Tolerance Chris Mars 

The magic mirror of m.c. Escher

The world of m.c. Escher

M.c. Escher 29 master prints 

H.R. Giger's Necronomicon 

H.R. Giger's Neceonomicon II

Drawings of Mucha 70 works including 9 in full color 

Spectrum 13 the best in contemporary fantasy art

Haunted by Dave fox 

Organica by Guy Aitchison 

Immovable Fudo myoo tattoo designs by horitomo 

The Leu Family's family iron

Sailor Jerry Tattoo Flash book one 

Old ghosts a flash collection 

Spider murph ya tattoo flash book one

1000 oriental tattoo designs 

Tattoo designs of Japan horiyoshi III

Unfinished business jay cavna 

Less than three Tim pangburn 

Bullshito legacies of Martin lacasse 

Sketchbook by stilian 

Martin lacasse take what you can give nothing back 


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    • Hi, Guys, so i just a got a cover up 3 weeks ago, i'm feeling kinda weird .. anxious and to be honest depressed.. cause i can't get used to it still, i freaked out the day after .. and i can't stop obsessing about it.. it's all i think 24/7 ... you see, this is my second tattoo .. feels like the first cause it's a cover up .. the past one i had it for 9 years it was misspelled the (tattoo artist fucked up) i was so depressed about that for very long time even had one laser treatment but didnt see any good results so i quit..... i dont wanna admit i regret it .. cause i feel so confuse, it's just i think "omg is it to big?" does it look good on me?" i just find it new errors everytime i look at it... and i don't wanna feel this way, but sadly it's how i feel .. just wanted to talk about it with someone .. cause i can't with friends cause i feel embarresed. PLEASE, IF YOU DONT HAVE NICE THINGS TO SAY.. DONT SAY ANYTHING PLEASE, CAUSE I ALREADY FEEL LIKE SHIT .. NO NEED TO MAKE ME FEEL WORST. i'm so down that i have even consider suicide 😞
    • The artist that did my half sleeve Asian tiger used grey ink. It does have a different look compared to thinned black. Artists at another shop noticed right away and asked about it. To me it looks more opaque than dilute black.
    • Thanks a lot, going on a second session in 2 days, i ll post progress
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    • By Jnvlv
      There are so many  anyone have good suggestions?
    • By Shane Solusar Bywaters
      Selling tons of reference books. Message me for details and prices. Discounts for bulk buyers.
      Skull reference 
      Celtic art 
      408 Victorian ornamental designs 
      Celtic and medieval alphabets 
      Heraldry a pictorial archive 
      Tahiti felixs master tattoo acetate vintage collection
      Tahiti felixs master tattoo acetate vintage collection 2
      An instant guide to insects 
      Atlas of human anatomy frank netter
      Insects of the world
      Textile designs
      Natural companions plant combinations 
      Talismans and amulets of the world 
      Gustav klimt 25 master works 
      Maxfield Parrish the landscapes 
      A Dore Gallery Gustave Dore'
      Baroque and Rococo art and culture 
      KLIMT Gustav Klimt book
      Egon Schiele galerie arnot 
      Michelangelo the last judgement 
      Francis Bacon
      The life of Christ in art
      Art Nouveau painting sculpture jewelry glass architecture 
      The art of the popes from the Vatican collection 
      Northern Renaissance art painting sculpture from 1350 to 1575
      Jackson pollock 
      Francis Bacon
      The angel tree 
      Sidney goodman
      The cult of the virgin, offerings ornaments and festivals 
      The mushroom hunters field guide 
    • By Gingerninja
      Super stoked that Cor Mysterium is available for pre-order. I am super excited to see all of the various submissions by some of my very favorite artists on the planet with the symbolism explained/dissected. Can't wait for mine to arrive!