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Hi everybody and thanks Chad

Deb Yarian

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Hi all and thanks Chad for pointing me this way.

I'm Debra Yarian.

I've been a tattooer for 30+ years -starting in NY, working my way south and finally, winding up in Alaska for the past 10 years.

I tattoo with my husband, Don - at our shop in Eagle River - not too far from Anchorage.

I'm looking forward to participating here.

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Good evening Deb and thanks for joining us. Look forward to your decades of stories from the tattooing world. How was Alaska chosen as the spot to move to and open a tattoo shop? Is there a good amount of tattoo customers up that way? I've never been to Alaska so look fwd to hear about your experience(s).

Thanks again and until next time....


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The army brought us to Alaska. I met my husband Don when we tattooed together at a shop ( Fast Freddies ) outside of Fort Benning , Georgia in 1988-89. Don was a ranger instructor in the army then and learning to tattoo.

We were lucky that everywhere he was stationed there was a tattoo shop happy to have us.

There are 8 of us ---Don , myself and we've had 6 children---- not one of us born in the same state!

Our plans were for Don to retire and we had a job waiting for us working for Eric at Inksmith and Roger's

When we got up to Alaska though- in 2000- we loved it and knew we wanted to stay.

We were fortunate to get on at Larry Allen's Anchorage Tattoo Studio, an Alaskan staple for 35 years,

Don finished his commitment to the army while working a full shift at Larry's.

Larry was an apprentice of Cliff Raven's.

We worked happily for Larry and then 2 years ago we opened up closer to home , in Eagle River.

There are only 600,000 people in all of Alaska. 1/2 the population live pretty close to Anchorage.

A lot of military, govt. workers, fishermen and whores (just kidding) I threw that in. Anyway a lot of people have been up here---- Paul Rogers, Huck Spaulding, Don Nolan, Tom Yeoman (sp?), Lyle Tuttle and most recently Zeke Owen.

Well thanks for having me -


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